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On the Channel, you will find videos specific to:

  • Body control

  • Extended to collected canter

  • Pole/Grid exercises

  • Full length Demo and Clinic videos

  • Obstacle drag

  • And much, much more!

And thats just the Ridden section! You will also get access to the Groundwork, Alternative education and Just for Fun Channels, plus the reading too! Sign up on the membership page here!

The Good Horsemanship channel is the aspiring Horseman or Horsewoman's number one tool in education. Split into 4 sub channels, video can easily be viewed in these categories:

  • Groundwork

  • Ridden Work

  • Alternative education

  • Just for fun


Everything from teaching the basics through to advanced exercises. We look at common problems on the Ground, as well as avoiding problems ever cropping up. We want you to give your horse the best education to prepare him for his ridden work, without the hefty price tag!

Ridden Work:

Everything from teaching the basics through to advanced exercises. You could be looking for tips to help your showing career? Maybe you want your horse to be a bit softer in your hand? Whatever you need, we have it on the GHC - and if we don't, Gold members can send in their videos and recieve feedback every week!

Alternative education:

It cant all be about training! On this channel we have some of the things that keep you as a rider ticking over. We have special guests and segments on trailer safety. The channel is about the whole horse community so if you have any ideas for a video you'd like to see, let us know! Big things are coming in the future for this channel!

Just for fun:

The silly stuff! Its important to have a laugh and not take life too seriously! Each year the GHC makes a short film. We've had Horseman: Secret Service, and most recently HorseWars - Episode 1: A New Rope. As well as many more to come, you can find some of our silly promotional material here.

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