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About us and The GHC

A couple of years ago, my brother in law and I started the Good Horsemanship Channel on Youtube. Video was never something I had used in my sessions up to that point, but the response we got to so many of the videos was fantastic! Seeing and hearing how these videos have helped people around the world to work with their horses has really inspired me to reinvent the Good Horsemanship Channel, bigger and better than ever before! I wanted a platform, upon which all my content could be based. Somewhere that I could film, write and teach without the limitations of travel.

So here we are! I'm not here to make money, and so, this channel is cheaper than any i could find online. Your membership costs help to pay for the filming and audio equipment used and keep this website up and running. We are still in the early stages of development, but eventually this website will have over 100 hours of video footage!!!

Its an honour for me to ride for you, and share with you some of the knowledge i have learned from many great horsemen and women over the years. I truly hope you enjoy watching as much as i do making!

                                                                                                                       - Joe Midgley

Joe Midgley

Joe Midgley is a british horseman devoted to teaching both human and horse to develop a partnership that will allow them to achieve their greatest aspirations.

             Joe trains through a physical and psychological understanding, meaning that he believes the emotions, or mental welfare of the horse is vital in creating that partnership and trust. This means no abuse, no beatings, no strapping down heads - just pure horsemanship.


Joe has been published in multiple magazines, as well as being asked to speak at equine conferences and meetings.           

Day to day, Joe travels the UK teaching lessons, performing demonstrations and clinics.

Joe has been recognised as one of the UK's leading  horsemen, specifically in the fields of educating and starting young horses, helping the troubled horse and advancing the all around working horse.

Hayleigh Midgley

Equine Massage and remedial therapist

Hayleigh Midgley is an Equine massage and Remedial Therapist specialising in Myofascial release techniques.

HM Equine Massage & Remedial Therapy provides therapeutic and remedial massage for horses and ponies. Hayleigh provides services such as: 


Equine sports massage.

Pre & post competition/event massage.

Myofascial release.

Remedial massage.

Maintanance massage.

Therapeutic massage.

Equine Kinesio Taping

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