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Here you can get in touch to ask any questions you have about the online programme before signing up!

Have a question? Fill in the form below. Your message will be sent straight to Joe's phone!

As well as making videos and writing articles, Joe spends most days riding and teaching. So please allow a few days for him to get back to you!


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Here are some of our more frequently asked qustions:

  • Do you do online coaching?
    Yes! On the upload section of The Good Horsemanship Channel there is a box asking for a web address. This is for a Youtube, Vimeo or even public Facebook video link for us to look at. We then email you back with hints and tips. In some cases, we will film a new video with the answer!
  • How do I claim my discounts?
    Every JMH clinic entry form will have an 'Are you a member?' box for you to tick. Then we confirm your email address and youre discount will be applied. That's the same for demonstrations. Equipment is sold through the Joe Midgley Horsemanship website, on the form there you answer the same question and the discount will be automatically applied.
  • Is it worth it?
    Definitely! New content is constantly being worked on, from two minute updates to hour long clinics. On top of that you have access to online coaching and discounted clinics. For example, in 2017 we held five two day summer camps. if you had attended all of these you would have saved a huge £100! That's more than membership for a year, and before the discounts on demo's and equipment!
  • Is there an App?
    There is no Good Horsemanship Channel App, however the site is mobile friendly. This means all the videos, 'audioticles', reading and contact options are available to you on the go. We recieve regular emails from people saying they plug their phones into their car speakers and listen to the 'audioticles' while driving! What a great idea!
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