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Here you can purchase and download the series' and programmes available on the Good Horsemanship channel.

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Groundwork body control series

Groundwork body control series

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Welcome to the Good Horsemanship Channel Groundwork and body control series with Joe Midgley.

This video covers our seven part body control programme:

The Head
The Neck
The Hind feet (left and right)
The ribcage
The Shoulders (left and right)

Joe also discusses working with a horse through feel and energy, as well as using the human body for communication rather than a stick or rope.

Throughout the series, Joe works with two horses. Banana is experienced in his groundwork and demonstrates all the basics. Each part then cuts to Reggie, learning how to do it all for the first time. The series comes to a close with a demonstration Joe performed with Bo, who has finished the groundwork programme and is truly accurte through his feet.
Total runtime - 2:21:31
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