Hello, and welcome to the Good Horsemanship channel. If youre reading this, youve probably recently watched Joe demonstrate at Lincs horse live. A 40 minute demo doesnt give you enough time to experience the full magic of horsemanship, so we have put this page together so you can see how it relates to riding, and how it can help troubled horses.


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Retraining a Racehorse - Mufasa

Mufasa is a n ex race horse that was quite troubled when he arrived with Joe. This is a summary, where you can see just how bad he was, and how he changed in the time he was here. Mu's full series is avalable to stream now!

Saffy - Rearer to riding horse

Saffy is the horse Joe worked with at Lincs horse live. This was the session where she learned how the groundwork related to the ridden and helped her overcome her problem. She had attended a groundwork clinic before this, which i believe is where the problem was really solved but here you can really see how the everything fits together

Advancing your horsemanship

In these two videos, you meet Buzz and Poppy, both of whom are more advanced horses capable of being ridden without use of the hands, or just with one hand. Poppy (chestnut) goes through the list, and how it is still important to practice the basics on advanced horses. Buzz puts it all into practice looking at speed control, lead changes and more!

Loading - A real problem

Whats the most common problem horses have? Probably loading! Eveeryone has either had, or knows someone with a bad loader. Take a look at a dmeonstration Joe did with a horse that didnt load.

Opening a gate from Horseback

Joe is all about what we do being practical, if its not got a purpose, whats the point! Check out this video on teaching a horse to open a gate