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Students and Teachers of Hadlow College, welcome to The Good Horsemanship channel. My career has been an interesting journey, with highs and lows dotted throughout. I started with every disadvantage you can have in the equine industry - I didnt come from a wealthy family, nor one with a powerful reputation. I grew up on an estate without a horse in sight and most of all - we didnt have horses.

Over the years, my career has flourished, and now Joe Midgley Horsemanship and The Good horsemanship channel are known around the world. I have competed at the highest levels, both in the UK and abroad, worked with some of the worlds greatest horsemasters and set up a successful business here in the UK. Ive been successful as a writer for various magazines, demonstrator at large events and clinician across the UK and America.

Today, id like to share a little about what i do, what makes it unique, and a little bit about the journey ive taken to get here. I hope you enjoy!

Hadlow College

Hadlow College

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